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Wellington County To Benefit From OCIF Grants

Web posted on April 11, 2017

Ontario is helping connect communities, create jobs and boost economic growth by increasing support for communities to improve roads, bridges, water systems and other local infrastructure.

Ontario is tripling its investments through OCIF from $100 million in 2016 to $300 million per year in 2019. The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal, made the announcement today, April 11, 2017. This fund will help 55 communities, with two projects in Wellington County

The Township of Centre Wellington will receive up to $646,346 for the replacement of Bridge No. 27-WG, with a grant of $646,346.00 and The Township of Mapleton will receive up to $1,268,561 for bridge replacement on Sideroad 17 worth $1,268,561.00 in grants.

OCIF supports projects in municipalities with a population of less than 100,000 as of the 2011 census, as well as municipalities that are located in northern or rural Ontario.

"The upgrades to roads, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure made possible by the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund continue to lead to positive changes in our communities. We are proud to enable innovative projects that help spur local economic activity, create job opportunities for Ontarians and raise quality of life across the province." Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure.

Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges in the province's history. To learn more about what's happening in your community, go to:

Investing in municipal infrastructure is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.