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Spring has sprung...

Web posted on March 24, 2012

Although the past couple of days have been grey, with rain off and on, there are bright reminders that spring is most definitely here. We found a beautiful Forsythia bush downtown, and managed to capture a nice colourful image for today's Saturday File.

forsythia bush in bloom, Guelph 2012

Interesting information about the common forsythia:

  • Forsythia is a member of the olive family, Oleaceae
  • there are about 11 species of forsythia; most of them are native to eastern Asia, with one native to southeastern Europe
  • the forsythia plants grown in Canada are mostly hybrids, developed to improve winter hardiness
  • most of the forsythia plants around here would naturally grow into fairly large shrubs, reaching seven to ten feet tall and wide
  • those bright yellow blooms only appear on the previous year's growth
  • there is a bit of an art to pruning forsythia bushes; the best time to prune is just after the flowers are finished (see links below for more information on pruning)
  • forsythias really like sun, 6 hours a day is ideal - the less sun they get, the fewer blooms
  • well-drained soil, high in organic content, is ideal for forsythia bushes
  • it is recommended that a balanced fertilizer is applied every 2-3 months during the spring and summer

Here are some on-line resources for forsythia pruning:
Horticulture magazine
Gardening Know How
Flower Gardening Made Easy

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