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Tuesday, July 29, 2014   04:40:07 EDT
ADV: Parr Auctions - Just north of Fergus
City of Guelph Water Use is
Level 0 blue


Sunday Peace'Not Pie in the Sky' is the third installment of the BORN TO TROUBLE - Four Looks at the Book of Job by Rev Robert Lyon
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Sunday PeaceThe second installment, Take Two: Really Bad Orthodoxy, in the 'Born To Trouble' - Four Takes on the Book of Job series by Rev Robert Lyon
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Sunday PeaceStarting today, a four part series on the Book of Job discussing (a) An Ancient Tale, (b) Really Bad Orthodoxy, (c) Not Pie in the Sky, and (d) A Gospel Trailer
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Sunday PeaceIn celebration of Canada Day let's look at three monuments of Canadian spirituality
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Royal City Musical Productions Inc Presents Latest Musical RENT and Raises HIV/AIDS Awareness
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