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New PC Candidate for Guelph is Announced

Web posted on November 15, 2012

The Ontario Progressive Conservative party has announced that Anthony MacDonald is the Progressive Conservative candidate for Guelph at a meeting of the Guelph Provincial PC Association on Wednesday evening at the Evergreen Seniors Centre.

"We are really excited to have the Anthony carrying the PC banner in Guelph. He's dynamic, hard-working and keen to make a difference in how Ontario's government conducts itself and serves our province. It speaks well to the broad appeal of the Progressive Conservative party to see someone with little prior involvement in partisan politics to identify so clearly with the objectives and values of the Progressive Conservative party. We look forward to the upcoming campaign and will be working hard to get Anthony elected to serve Guelph," said Greg Schirk, President of the Guelph Provincial PC Association.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak congratulated Anthony MacDonald on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Guelph. Hudak applauded and thanked MacDonald for his unwavering focus on reducing the size and cost of government and kick-starting the economy to create private-sector jobs.

"Anthony understands the priorities for a brighter future and knows how urgent it is to create the private sector jobs that will lead Ontario back to prosperity," said Hudak. "While the current government continues to deepen Ontario's economic crisis, the Ontario PC Party is promoting solutions to create new jobs and rein in government spending."

"I relate to the struggles people face as they seek to establish families and work in our community," said MacDonald, one of Canada's most successful harness racing drivers. "Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party have made a series of strong, principled proposals that would create hope for the nearly 600,000 unemployed Ontarians and put our province on the path to recovery - which the Liberals continue to ignore as they move Ontario down the road to a $30 billion deficit."

"It's the wrong path for Ontario," stated MacDonald, noting several specific Ontario PC plans for private sector job growth which include:

  • Balancing the budget to encourage businesses to expand and hire
  • Lowering taxes for job-creating businesses
  • Eliminating costly and failed wind and solar subsidies for more affordable energy
  • A more flexible and responsive approach to regulation,
  • More skilled trades jobs by modernizing the apprenticeship system.

MacDonald, 35, is one of Canada's top drivers in harness racing, currently in the top 10 in the country for both wins and earnings. MacDonald, his wife Amy and daughter Ava live in the south-end of Guelph.