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Local Youths Lose As Anti-Bullying Motion is Defeated

Web posted on November 24, 2012

Dear Editor,

In Canada, a third of adolescents admit to being the victims of bullying. The effects of bullying follow us for our whole lives and the problem of bullying is growing. In 2012 alone we lost too many brilliant young people with promising futures to bullying-related suicide.

This is not an issue of ideology and should not be an issue of political partisanship; rather it is a serious problem for which a national strategy is needed.

By voting against the NDP's National Bullying Prevention Strategy, the Conservatives refused to put partisanship aside and work together for the well-being of children and youth.

The vote in Parliament was close, the motion was defeated by only 15 votes and several Conservatives supported the motion unfortunately our MP Michael Chong was not one of them.

The majority of Conservatives could not put partisan politics aside long enough to put the interests of youth first. In helping to defeat the anti-bullying motion, our MP Michael Chong voted as a Conservative first and put his role as the representative of the youth of Wellington-Halton Hills second.

The policy of neglect by the Conservative government toward increasing bullying amongst our youth condemns more youth to continue suffering under bullying.

It has been said that Michael Chong wins because he is a nice guy. It is also said that in a democracy we express our dissatisfaction with our MPs by voting for someone else. Michael Chong's vote against the National Bullying Prevention Strategy indicates that Wellington-Halton Hills doesn't need a nice guy, we need a representative who will vote for our interests in Parliament we need someone else.

Michael Carlucci
Wellington Halton-Hills NDP Youth Chair

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