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Guelph Police Reports - January 23, 2013

Web posted on January 23, 2013

On January 22, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., a marked Ontario Provincial Police cruiser was travelling westbound on Speedvale Avenue East with its' emergency lighting and siren activated. The officer was responding with other emergency services to the report of a personal injury motor vehicle collision on Wellington County Road 32 (just west of the Guelph city limits).

The officer approached the intersection of Speedvale Avenue and Woolwich Street facing a green traffic signal. As the officer entered the intersection her cruiser struck the passenger side of a 2011 Ford Fusion that had turned left from eastbound Speedvale Avenue to northbound Woolwich Street. The impact caused the Ford Fusion to strike the front of a 2011 Mercedes Benz SUV that was stopped facing south in the left turn lane of Woolwich Street.

The 37 year old female Constable suffered minor injuries to her left arm and shoulder. She did not continue on duty and attended hospital on her own for treatment. No civilians involved in this collision reported any injuries.

The driver of the Ford Fusion, a 57 year old Guelph man, was charged with the Highway Traffic Act offence of Turn Not in Safety.

All involved motor vehicles were driven away from the scene with total damage to all three estimated at approximately $12,000.00.


The Guelph Police report that unintentional calls to 911 from cell phones continue to be an ongoing issue. The 911 Call Centre receives multiple false 911 calls every day. Each call received by a 911 call taker is processed as an emergency until proven otherwise.

Many of these investigations find that a small child has either taken a parent's cell phone or a child has been given an old cell phone to play with. A phone does not need a sim card in it to be able to call 911.

Please place your cell phones on standby when you are not using them. If you are going to let your child play with an old cell phone, remove the battery.

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