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Ontario Has First Female Premier as Party Elects Wynne

Web posted on January 26, 2013

Kathleen Wynne made history tonight as she was elected by party members as leader of the Provincial Liberal Party. In a strong showing of support, Wynne won the leadership after the third round of voting; with 1,150 votes beating Sandra Pupatello's 866 votes.

As the results were announced on the convention floor, Wynne and Pupatello appeared together and held hands after the results were announced. Backed by both Charles Sousa, MPP for Mississauga South and former Toronto MP and MPP Gerard Kennedy, Wynne was the favoured candidate.

Currently Wynne is now the premier-designate. A meeting between Wynne, the outgoing premier, Daulton McGinty, and the Lieutenant-Governer David Onley will take place in Queen's Park. Then she will be sworn in as premier and the new cabinet will be discussed.