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Woman Charged for Not Obeying Crossing Guard

Web posted on January 28, 2013

(MUNICIPALITY OF NORTH PERTH, ON)- On Thursday January 24, 2013, a Perth County OPP officer in Listowel was conducting static observation of the crosswalk at the intersection of Campbell St. and Wallace Ave North in Listowel.

At approximately 8:55 a.m. a Nissan sedan was observed travelling east bound on Campbell St. The vehicle stopped at the Wallace Ave N. intersection. A North Perth Crossing guard wearing a bright orange safety jacket activated a hand held stop sign and raised it up high to stop traffic, allowing children to cross the roadway.

At this time the Nissan proceeded into the intersection and turned left passing the crossing guard so closely that the guard had to take a step back to avoid being struck by the vehicle.

The OPP officer immediately pulled over the offending motorist and charged the 38 year old female driver from the Municipality of North Perth with fail to obey school crossing stop signal.

Motorists are urged to slow down near crosswalks and crossing guard controlled crossings and to pay extra attention to crossing areas during the times when students are travelling to and from school. Where a school crossing stop sign is displayed, the driver of any vehicle approaching the stop sign shall stop before reaching the crossing.