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Bruce County OPP Reports - January 29, 2013

Web posted on January 29, 2013

(KINLOSS TWP, ON)- On January 26, 2013 at 3:52 am, a South Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer on patrol along Bruce County Road 1 in Kinloss Township stopped a White Ford pick-up truck.

The officer found that the driver had been drinking alcohol. The 29 year old driver was issued a 3 day warn range licence suspension. Motorists are reminded that the South Bruce OPP has a zero tolerance for choosing to drive while your ability is impaired.


(SOUTHERN BRUCE COUNTY, ON)- On January 25, 2013 at 3:49 pm, the South Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a call about snowmobiles being driven at a high rate of speed on 1st Avenue North in Chesley. The South Bruce OPP is offering the following safety tips to snowmobile operators:

>> Snowmobile drivers must carry their driver's licence or snowmobile operator's card when they ride. If your licence is under suspension, you can't drive a snowmobile either.
>> Licence, proof of registration and proof of insurance must be produced to a police officer on demand, when operating a snowmobile.
>> A snowmobile driver must stop for police when signalled.
>> Speed limits must be obeyed. A snowmobile driver can be charged for speeding.
>> A snowmobile must not be driven along the serviced portion of the roadway, except to cross at a right angle. This includes the shoulder of the road.
>> Impaired driving laws apply to snowmobiles anywhere in Canada whether on private property or not. Don't mix alcohol and snowmobiling. The South Bruce OPP and the OFSC have a zero tolerance for impaired operation.
>> Snowmobiles must not be driven on private property without the owner's permission; violators may be subject to a charge of Trespassing.
>> A proper muffler and an approved, properly fit helmet are required by law.
>> Drivers of a snowmobile directly or indirectly involved in a reportable collision are required to call police as soon as possible.
>> A trail permit is required to use approved snowmobile trails, when they are declared open for use.
>> Dress appropriately and let someone know where you plan to ride and for how long.
>> If you must ride over a frozen lake or pond, check the ice condition first. Remember that the ice thickness varies from one spot to the next.

Snowmobiling is an enjoyable winter activity that becomes dangerous when riders take unnecessary chances. Follow the rules of the trail and everyone will arrive back home safely.