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Review of Elmira Theatre Company's Play Shorthanded

Web posted on February 12, 2013

A review by Sharon Grose

A cold winter night is a good time to sit back and enjoy a community theatre production where the Elmira Theatre Company's latest production Shorthanded is showing. It's is a comedy about lost dreams and second chances, friendships and challenges of mid life.

In the play eight middle age men have banded together for "Game 7" of the old-timers hockey championship. The play takes place in the hockey dressing room of the old town arena where a lot of bantering it going on.

A scene from the play 'Shorthanded' - Photo by Sharon Grose

These men have been playing hockey together since their novice days when their father's coached them in crossover and passing drills. Those younger days are long gone and the men find themselves facing the challenges of mid life from spousal affairs and divorce to alcoholism and drugs to health problems.

They're not just a hockey team but lifelong friends- they have been together their whole hockey life. They're like family now, having stood up in each others' weddings, celebrated the birth of their kids, and helping parent each others' children. They have been there for each other through thick and thin.

Now the boys have come together for one last chance to win the championship game and redeem themselves and reverse the curse of a game-seven loss from their Junior B days. The town hasn't seen a win for 20 years and the boys want to bring home the Cup but with only seven players and a goalie named "Hole" it's a struggle. Michael Grant manages to find humour in what happens in life. As long as you don't mind hockey room lingo, it's an entertaining play. Hockey fans are sure to enjoy it.

Written and directed by Elmira playwright, Michael Grant who recently won the The Playwrights Guild of Canada Best New Comedy award. Shorthanded runs until February 17 with Thursday - Saturday performances begin at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday matinee begins at 2:30 p.m. Tickets available through the Centre in the Square box office. 1-800-265-8977 or 519-578-1570 or online Performances are held at Elmira Theatre Company, 76 Howard Ave., Elmira. Single ticket price is $18.00. eyeGo pricing also available