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Guelph Hydro Employees Donate to Local United Way

Web posted on February 25, 2013

(GUELPH, ON) February 25, 2013 – The United Way of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin has awarded Guelph Hydro the United Way 2012 Joint Union-Management Workplace Campaign Award. The award was presented in recognition of the significant contributions Guelph Hydro employees and the company made to the record-breaking 2012 United Way campaign that raised $3.29 million to support social services in Guelph, Wellington County and Dufferin County.

Guelph Hydro's 120 employees generously donated almost $29,000 to the United Way campaign in 2012, a 4.5 per cent increase over 2011 donations. This was matched by a company contribution of more than $27,000, bringing total donations from Guelph Hydro to $56,107.

"It all comes down to caring—about people and the communities we serve. The generous support of the United Way by our employees is a clear demonstration of the quality of people we have working for us and their desire to make a difference." – Kazi Marouf, Chief Operating Officer, Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.

More than 70 per cent of Guelph Hydro employees are signed up for the payroll deduction plan which accounts for the majority of the employee donation. Workplace fundraising efforts included a campaign kick-off event, an early pledge draw for a tablet, and raffles of gift cards and preferred parking spaces. The 2012 campaign also reached out to retired company employees to solicit donations.

"We're incredibly proud of the fundraising efforts of the Guelph Hydro team. The success of our United Way campaign is a testament to the relationship between our union and management and our ability to work together in pursuit of a common goal – the well-being of the community we serve." – Kari Clifford, Accounting Representative and United Way Workplace Campaign Co-coordinator, Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.

Wholly owned by Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. which is, in turn, 100 per cent owned by the City of Guelph, Guelph Hydro Inc. is the holding company for Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., the local electricity distribution company serving 52,000 customers in Guelph and Rockwood, Ontario, Canada, and for Envida Community Energy Inc., an alternative energy company, also located in Guelph.

Guelph Hydro Inc., named Large Company of the Year by the Ontario Energy Association in 2011 and awarded the Environmental Stewardship award by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce in 2012, is helping to create a reliable, diversified and sustainable energy supply to ensure the long-term competitiveness and prosperity of the communities it serves. The company is actively developing sustainable energy projects as a key implementer of the City of Guelph's internationally renowned Community Energy Initiative.