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Residents Warned of Fraudulent Fund Raising

Web posted on December 09, 2013

Resident of Guelph and Waterloo region are being cautioned today against fraudulent door-to-door visitors claiming to be selling memberships on behalf of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"We never conduct door-to-door solicitation under any circumstances, ever," says Andy Best, spokesperson for the CMHA's local chapter, which covers Waterloo, Wellington and Dufferin counties. "These individuals do not represent our organization in any capacity. We are very disappointed to learn that well-meaning citizens may be getting taken advantage of in our name."

The fraudulent solicitors are not only seeking donations but also claim to be selling "memberships" on behalf of the CMHA. They are reportedly wearing official-looking clothing and carrying a wireless debit machine to ask people to sign up for monthly deductions. Under no circumstances should residents give these individuals their credit or debit card information.

Anyone receiving a visit from these individuals is encouraged to politely decline to make a donation then immediately report the incident to the Guelph Police Services at 519-824-1212 or the Waterloo Regional Police at 519-653-7700. CONTACT INFORMATION