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OPP Remind Everyone of River and Ice Safety

Web posted on December 17, 2013

(MUNICIPALITY OF NORTH PERTH, ON) - On Monday December 16, 2013, around 4:30 p.m., Perth County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers in Listowel were called to the Maitland River near the area of Barnett St. and Riverview Dr. At that location young children had been seen playing on the ice under the bridge of the North Perth Trail.

Officers arrived within minutes of the call and observed footprints leading away from the river to the residential areas north of the river.

Officers were concerned about the ice conditions since the heavy snow on the river insulates the ice below, causing it to freeze slower. Currents below the ice could also create a dangerous condition as they do not allow the ice to form at a uniform thickness.

With warmer temperatures expected towards the weekend ice conditions could become even more hazardous.

The Perth County OPP wants to remind the public and especially parents to be mindful while their children are out of school. They may venture out on frozen ponds, ditches and area waterways. Children should never play on or near ice covered bodies of water, unless directly supervised by an experienced adult.

For additional information on ice safety, visit the Royal Lifesaving Society online at

Parents and caregivers are urged to discuss this information with their youth.