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Cold Turkey For Christmas Dinner For Some This Year

Web posted on December 23, 2013

This year could see several thousand people spend Christmas in the dark as the Hydro crews work round the clock to restore power after this weekend's ice storm.

Currently Hydro One is reporting over 120,000 customers are without power and with crews working around the clock it estimates that most customers will have to wait until tomorrow night for power to be restored.

Toronto was hit hard during the ice storm. Toronto Hydro estimates that over 220,000 customers are still with out power and may have to wait as long as 5 days for power to be restored.

For Guelph residents, The City has released an update concerning operating facilities.

Guelph Transit is currently without access to phone, email and social media. Guelph Transit Mobility Service is operating, however cannot receive calls. Guelph Transit routes are on schedule. The City is working on fixing the problem but it may take eight hours before full phone service is restored. Please contact ServiceGuelph in the interim.

Guelph Hydro is reporting that about 100-200 customers are still without power at this time.

Guelph City Hall will continue to be open all night for anyone who remains affected by power outages. The West End Community Centre is no longer serving as a warming centre and is back to regular operating hours.

The City may continue to experience downed power lines as branches fall. Please check to make sure your 72 hour emergency kit is ready and well stocked.