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New Waste Water Rates Effective January 01, 2014

Web posted on December 28, 2013

GUELPH, ON, December 18, 2013Guelph's new water and wastewater rates take effect January 1. The rate increases, which were communicated to residents earlier in the fall and approved by City Council on November 5, amount to an approximate increase of $0.52 per household each week, or a 3.5 per cent increase on the average residential bill.

Successful water conservation and infrastructure renewal programs have led to the lowest rate increase in more than five years.

The 2014 rates are driven by increases in:
* financial contributions for future water and wastewater infrastructure and infrastructure renewal;

* staffing support and proposed expansions to enhance service; and

* costs of service support for items such as source water protection, energy and fuel.

These drivers reflect the City's commitment to taking care of what it owns, and enhancing city services.

Residents and businesses can decrease their water bills by reducing the amount of water they use. The City offers a variety of resources to assist residents and local businesses to conserve water and reduce water/wastewater utility bills.

For more information on 2014 rates, and for water conservation tips, visit