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Fun Times at Guelph's Psychic Expo

Web posted on February 19, 2014

by Emily Blake

It was with trepidation that I stepped into the conference centre at the Best Western on February 7, 2014 for the Guelph Psychic Expo. I was not quite sure what to expect, my only experience with the occult being an amateur tea leaf reading. However I was excited for what was in store having heard stories from friends that have seen psychics.

I spoke with the representatives at the many booths and learned more about what the expo had to offer. There were well renowned psychics from all across Ontario offering their services including several demonstrations over the weekend. Many offered private readings using tarot cards, runes, numerology, astrology, palmistry, and tea leaves. There were also many items for sale including taro cards, new age books, unique jewellery, natural products, and many spiritual items.

Among the more unique services offered were mediumship through painting from visionary artist Beverly Stephan. The Electric Psychic also offered six written readings on romance, relationships, secrets, and tarot generated based on people's birth date and gender. For those interested in past lives, Julien Meagher offered his hypnotism services as a past life regressionist and certified hypnotist. There was even a celebrity psychic Charlotte Szivak who has been featured in Elle Magazine and films including Hairspray, The Pacifier and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

Many people visit psychics for fun or advice on issues that they are facing. Some of the most common topics that people ask about include love career, health, and love ones that have passed. Lynda Doyle, one of the psychics at the expo described a psychic reading as "the act of interpreting energy from a non-physcial source, your spirit and your soul" in her literature.

I was undecided on whether I wanted a private reading, until I spoke to Peter whose wife Christena offered tarot card readings. I found that I had a strong connection with him and he could sense many aspects of my character, so I booked a reading with Christena for Sunday. I also booked a reading with Glen (Lah'wenu:nihe) a Native Seer, Healer and Medicine Elder from the bear clan of the Oneida nation. I was interested in learning more about traditional Native ceremony and hearing what he had to say.

On Sunday I returned to the expo excited for the spiritual journey that I had in store. I sat with Christena for a Celtic Cross reading with a fresh deck of tarot cards, as she explained that they lose their energy after repeated use and need to be cleansed. During the reading she told me that within the next year I would have career and romantic success. She also gave me some personal advice and reminded me to keep in touch with my grandmother. It was a lovely reading and it was really a pleasure meeting her, and I especially enjoyed all of the positive things she predicted in my future.

Next, I continued on to my reading with Glen. We began with a tobacco offering, while he explained many of the traditional practices that he would be using. He sang a traditional song and prayed on a pipe representing life's journey. He also explained the four elements and four animals, and the importance of balance in our lives. During the reading he told me aread in my body where I carried stress and concerns that he sensed I had. He also gave me positive feedback and gave me advice on spiritual practices to relieve my stress.

I left the expo feeling satisfied having learned more about the spiritual side of life. The readings were fun and left me smiling no matter how accurate they may end up being. Some might find visiting psychics to be frivolous or a bit silly, but its just as important to take care of our spiritual health as our physical health.

Emily Blake
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