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School Portables Go Green In New Design and Build

Web posted on March 07, 2014

A unique portable classroom that merges straw bale building and other natural building techniques with state-of-the-art construction technology was launched Ontario-wide today as a standalone product line by green builder, Evolve Builders Group Inc.

Dubbed "mobEE" mobile eco-enclosure the product was originally developed in conjunction with the Facility Department of the Upper Grand District School Board. The first prototype was delivered to Rockwood Public Centennial School in 2010 while the most recent awaits class at Westwood Public School in Guelph. Constructed in Mount Forest, ON, and now deliverable across the province, mobEE provides premium, permanent-quality space at a fraction of the cost of a school addition and earns plaudits from all stakeholders.

"Parents and School Board officials are impressed every time they visit. We've even had local politicians come to see it," says Meghan Mintz, Grade 6 Teacher, Rockwood Centennial Public School of their prototype mobEE, received in 2010.

"We saw a straw bale insulated portable as a natural extension of our Environmental Learning Centres" says Paul Scinocca, Operations Manager, UGDSB, and early proponent of these alternative structures.

In addition to walls constructed with straw bales, mobEE integrates healthy, sustainable and efficient components such as naturally anti-microbial linoleum flooring, mineral based paints, energy-mizing warm-white LED lights, high efficiency fiberglass window frames among many carefully selected features.

Evolve Builders Group Inc is an innovative boutique building firm frequently sought out by academic, government and industry partners to help bring great new ideas to market. mobEE is Evolve's first foray into manufacturing of products in which it led development.

"Price, people, and planet. Schools may never have another opportunity to meet so many goals with one easy decision. New classroom space must be found across Ontario to make room for full-day kindergarten beginning this September. mobEE can satisfy enrollment needs to the praise of parents groups, teachers, custodians, and students alike" asserts Ben Polley, President, Evolve Builders Group Inc.