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Daylight Savings Time

Web posted on March 12, 2016

With spring no where to be seen, it's time to change the clocls already. At 2:00 am Sunday morning clocks move ahead to 3:00am and give us that extra hour of daylight in the evening.

In the past, Ontario had observed Daylight Saving Time from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October. However, through legislation passed in 2006, Daylight Saving Time now begins three weeks earlier on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

Daylight Saving Time has come under attack. A 2008 Swedish study found that heart attacks were significantly more common the first three weekdays after the spring Daylight Saving Time transition

Another study, from two researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, found that daylight time has a significant impact on the number of pedestrians killed by vehicles in the immediate aftermath of the switch.