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Police Are Preparing for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Web posted on March 16, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014 is St. Patrick's Day and for many, this popular day will coincide with an increase in celebrations. The Guelph Police Service, along with the University of Guelph Community Campus Police and Guelph By-Law Enforcement are working together to address issues in the downtown core and throughout residential neighbourhoods to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.

In an effort to make this celebration safe and respectful for everyone, we will:
--> Increase the staffing levels of Police and By-Law Enforcement with an emphasis on the downtown core and neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of young adult housing. The officers on patrol will be enforcing the Criminal Code, liquor laws and various city by-laws.

-- Utilize vehicle patrols and foot patrols to proactively respond to situations in an effort to prevent and/or discourage unwanted behaviour.

--> Be committed to positive interaction with those who are enjoying the day, but will also use enforcement initiatives for those who choose to violate any laws.

--> Conduct R.I.D.E. spot checks throughout the weekend.

--> Encourage citizens who have concerns about activities in their neighbourhoods, observe unwanted behaviour or who see developing problems to report the incidents. Don't hesitate to call the Guelph Police Service at 519-824-1212 so that the Police and/or By-Law Officers can respond.

--> Promote an environment where those who celebrate St. Patrick's Day, realizing that not every citizen does, remain conscious of and considerate to their neighbours.

--> Use an approach of "Prevention through Visibility, Communication and Enforcement" which includes providing education, awareness, cautions and enforcement of the Criminal Code, Provincial Acts, and Municipal By-Laws. The University is sending out a mass email to all students this week regarding the St. Patrick's Day and College Royal weekend.

--> Ensure that licensed establishments are compliant with the Liquor License Act and other Provincial laws and regulations.

"Guelph Police want to deliver the message that celebrating St. Patrick's Day is about being responsible, respectful and courteous while having a good time" quoted Chief Bryan Larkin.

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