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Ontario Announces Plans To Expand GO Train Service

Web posted on March 18, 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Waterloo Region today, where she announced the government's plans to bring full-day, two-way GO Train service between Waterloo Region and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

"I'm proud to be part of a government that is expanding GO Train service between Kitchener and the GTHA. This will greatly enhance economic activity in our region, reduce commute times for families, and create new jobs." John Milloy, MPP for Kitchener Centre.

As estimated in a City and Region of Waterloo report, this investment would create more than 33,000 net new jobs. The increased service could add 1,000 additional daily passengers.

As part of the government's next step to deliver full-day, two-way GO Train service, the province is making a number of improvements to GO's Kitchener line that will result in better service, shorter travel times and fewer delays for passengers.

"We are committed to improving connectivity between Waterloo Region and the GTHA. We know that we need to make smart investments in modern infrastructure in order for every region across the province to prosper and reach its full economic potential." Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario.

The government is estimating that the expanded GO Train service will result in:
--> More GO Train trips: by the end of 2016, Metrolinx expects to introduce two additional morning and afternoon peak period trips

--> Upgrades to the rail corridor that will directly lead to faster travel times

--> Building a new train layover facility

--> One trip between Waterloo Region and Toronto could be an express service that could save passengers 20 to 30 minutes per trip.

"Our improvements to GO Transit support our commitment to offer commuters full-day, two-way GO train service. Our unprecedented public transit investments are making transit a better choice for commuters, reducing congestion on our roads and contributing to a better quality of life for Ontario families." Glen Murray, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Infrastructure.

Making smart investments in infrastructure helps connect regions and their economies and brings prosperity across the province. It is part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow. The comprehensive plan and its six priorities focus on Ontario's greatest strengths - its people and strategic partnerships. * * Since 2003, Ontario has invested $19.3 billion in public transit in Ontario, including approximately $9.1 billion in GO Transit to improve service and expand routes. QUOTES "Metrolinx is focused on building transit that gets people moving. Making improvements to the infrastructure on GO Transit's Kitchener line allows us to deliver more and improved service for those customers and continue to lay the foundation for full-day, two-way." Bruce McCuaig, President and CEO, Metrolinx

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