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Guelph MP Appointed The Veteran's Advocacy

Web posted on March 25, 2014

OTTAWA Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau added Veteran's Affairs critic to the portfolio of Guelph MP Frank Valeriote today.

"It is an honour to be trusted with this responsibility," said Valeriote. "So many Canadian men and women have given their all in service of Canada over the generations and it is important, now more than ever that their government ensure there are policies in place to meet their needs."

"Military service is a sacred and personal commitment borne not only by our Canadian forces members but by their families and it is Liberals who believe that we must uphold the principles of our social covenant with these men and women so that they might maintain a quality of life worthy of the immense sacrifices they have made," Valeriote continued.

"I look forward to this new role; to working with even more veterans across the country and honouring the many generations of Canadians who have served their country." Valeriote assumes the role of Veterans Affairs critic immediately and adds it to his role in the Liberal caucus leadership as Deputy Whip and Co-Chair of the Policy Caucus.

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