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City Finds Terminte Infestation At River Run Centre

Web posted on April 09, 2014

Guelph, ON, April 7, 2014 The City has discovered evidence of termite activity at the River Run Centre for the performing arts, and in John Galt Park. These new points of infestation appear to be an extension of the Woolwich termite management area on the west side of Eramosa Road.

This is the first time the City has seen termites in Guelph's downtown core.

The City will treat the affected area near the River Run Centre, remove stumps, wood chip mulch, and install termite monitoring traps in John Galt Park.

Between May 5 and June 13, the City will inspect about 300 downtown properties to determine the size of the infested area. Once the area is defined, the City will implement a complete control plan, install traps and put further control measures into effect as required.

About Guelph's termite management program
Guelph's termite management program helps to control the local termite population and prevent damage to wood structures. Since 2007, the program has proven effective in reducing termite populations in the Emma/Pine, Woolwich, and Windermere termite management areas.

Last August, the City established the King termite management area after surveying about 450 properties on the north side of the Speed River. The infestation was limited to 12 properties east of Eramosa Road, between King and Queen Streets.

Today, Guelph's four termite management areas encompass about 650 properties. To help property owners in these areas prevent the spread of termites, the City provides information about safe wood and soil disposal, and landscaping.

The eastern subterranean termite was detected in Guelph in the early 1970s near Goldie Mill Park. The non-native insects were accidentally introduced from the United States to more than 30 Ontario municipalities.