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Guelph Police Reports - May 01, 2014

Web posted on May 01, 2014

Internal Fraud

A partner, holding a position of trust within a local company, allegedly began to divert funds from the company resources to his own use commencing in 2011.

An investigation was commenced in 2013 resulting in the laying of charges

Hugh Alistair SCOBIE, 39 years of London, has been charged with Breach of Trust, Fraud over $5000.00, and 14 counts of uttering a fraudulent document. The value of the fraud is approximately $75,000.

He will appear in provincial court on the 10th of May 2014 in Guelph, Ontario.


Vehicle Theft

On Wednesday April 30, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., a guest at the Parkview Motel was packing his belongings into his vehicle prior to checking out. The accused, who was residing in an adjoining room, entered the unoccupied vehicle and sped off in a northbound direction on Woolwich Street.

At 9:08 a.m., the accused attended to gas bar on Woodlawn Road, and re-fueled the vehicle. When the accused attempted to leave, making no attempt to pay for the gas, the attendant left the kiosk and stood in his path.

The accused accelerated the vehicle toward the attendant. The attendant jumped backward to avoid being struck and in doing so fell back into a metal door hurting his lower back and the back of his head. The vehicle sped off westbound on Woodlawn Road.

The accused was later observed driving the vehicle at Paisley Road and the Hanlon heading west. Several marked units coordinated a rolling block on the vehicle which was brought to a stop on Wellington Road #32.

A 61 year old male of no fixed address has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of breach of probation. He was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Guelph Police Venturers - Lock It Or Lose it Crime Prevention Initiative.

As part of Good Turn Week, members of the Guelph Police Venturers were out in the south end of Guelph last night reminding citizens to lock their vehicles to prevent theft. Approximately 380 houses were visited either by speaking to residents or leaving the lock it or lose it brochure in the mailbox.

This crime is easily avoided by locking your cars and by keeping valuables out of sight or removed from your vehicle. If you do fall victim to this crime, please report using the Guelph Police online reporting system. You can find this on the Guelph Police website home page - online reporting.


6th Annual Guelph Police Bicycle Ticket Program

The 16th Annual Guelph Police Bicycle Ticket Program begins today and will run until Friday August 1, 2014.

This program is designed to promote awareness to Guelph youth of the benefits of wearing bicycle helmets while riding their bike through positive reinforcement. While officers are on proactive patrol, when they see a child wearing their bike helmet, they will stop the youth and reward them with a ticket for a free, Dairy Queen "Mini-Blizzard" courtesy of Dairy Queen Guelph.

The child will then be eligible to win a free bike, courtesy of George Vettor Cycle, on August 1, 2014. Thank you George Vettor for your many years of committment to our community and to your family for their continued support.

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