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Wellington Couty OPP Welcomes Two New Police Dogs

Web posted on May 09, 2014

(WELLINGTON COUNTY, ON) Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently acquired two new Police Service Dogs. Canine Handler Provincial Constable Barry Reid will be patrolling and responding to incidents in Wellington County and neighbouring communities with his two new partners.

Knox is a 6 year old German shepherd originally from Germany that has been trained as a general service dog. He will be utilized for tracking wanted suspects, searches for lost and missing people, building searches, apprehensions, evidence searches and public order.

Jag is a 6 year old black Labrador retriever originally from Kingston, Ontario that is trained as a narcotic detector dog. He is trained to find 9 types of illicit drugs, as well as firearms.

Wellington County OPP has had a dedicated Canine Team since 2003. Knox and Jag will be the third and fourth dogs to serve the county. Both dogs will be involved with community service work and public demonstrations.

The OPP Canine Unit was originally formed in 1965, with three dogs being trained in Mount Forest. The Unit currently consists of 27 teams deployed strategically throughout the province.

Canine teams undergo 16 weeks of intensive training at the OPP Academy Canine Training Centre. This training includes promoting obedience, exposing the dogs to obstacles such as stairways, heights, ladders, tunnels and water.

Each dog lives at the handler's home and stays in an outside kennel provided by the OPP. This develops a proper heavy undercoat that will protect the dog during cold weather assignments.