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Guelph Hydro Releases 2013 Sustainability Report

Web posted on May 13, 2014

Guelph Hydro Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its fourth annual Guelph Hydro Inc. Sustainability Report available for viewing along with the company's 2013 audited financial reports at:, and

"We are pleased to report that Guelph Hydro Inc. continues to build long-term, sustainable value for customers and the communities of Guelph and Rockwood by supplying safe, reliable and affordable electricity, providing a stable dividend and investing in innovative local sustainable energy projects not only designed to improve the environment but also to increase the resiliency of the local energy supply in the face of increasing climate change impacts." Jasmine Urisk, Chair, Guelph Hydro Inc. Board of Directors.

The Guelph Hydro Inc. 2013 Sustainability Report highlights company achievements in providing safe and reliable electricity, top-ranking customer service, and energy conservation programs. It also reports on the company's progress investing in innovative, sustainable energy projects (solar, biogas, district energy, combined heat and power / cogeneration) designed to improve the environment and contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of Guelph and Rockwood.

Guelph Hydro Inc., one of the first utilities in Ontario to publish a sustainability report, measures its performance against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely used, international standard for sustainability reporting.

Highlights included in the Guelph Hydro Inc. 2013 Sustainability Report:
* Customer Satisfaction Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. ranked number one in customer satisfaction among 14 Ontario electric utilities that took part in a telephone survey.

* Energy Conservation Guelph Hydro's efforts to encourage customers to conserve energy and save money have been so effective the company is ranked fourth out of 76 utilities in Ontario in achieving energy conservation and demand load targets.

* Reliability and Resiliency of the Electricity Distribution Network The reliability of Guelph Hydro's electricity distribution network during normal operation and its resiliency when faced with severe weather events like those experienced in 2013 is the result of high-quality engineering design standards, ongoing investments in infrastructure, preventive maintenance and diligent tree-trimming.

* $58.9 Million Contributed in Direct Economic Value Guelph, Rockwood and the Province of Ontario benefitted from the $58.9 million in direct economic value Guelph Hydro contributed to the economy through operating expenses including property taxes, local purchasing, salaries and wages; capital expenditures; energy incentives and rebates; corporate giving and dividends.

* Strong Support of the Guelph Community Energy Initiative - Guelph Hydro is developing, owns and operates sustainable energy projects (solar, biogas, district energy, combined heat and power / cogeneration) that are helping Guelph achieve the energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals set out in Guelph's Community Energy Initiative, one of the first Municipal Energy Plans in Ontario.

* Sustainable Energy Projects Serving as a Catalyst for Economic Development Guelph Hydro is helping the City of Guelph attract jobs and investment by assisting in the development of a District Energy Strategic Plan, establishing a district energy facility in the Sleeman Centre in downtown Guelph, and developing plans for a natural gas-fired combined heat and power facility and district energy system to be located in the Hanlon Creek Business Park.

* Sustainability Performance Benchmarked Against International Standard Guelph Hydro benchmarked its performance against Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 requirements, the most widely accepted international standard for sustainability reporting.

The Guelph Hydro Inc. 2013 Sustainability Report along with audited financial statements is available online at:, and

To request a hard copy of the Guelph Hydro Inc. 2013 Sustainability Report or to provide feedback, email

About Guelph Hydro Inc.
Wholly owned by Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. which is, in turn, 100 per cent owned by the City of Guelph, Guelph Hydro Inc. is the holding company for Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., the local electricity distribution company serving more than 52,000 customers in Guelph and Rockwood, Ontario, Canada, and for Envida Community Energy Inc., an alternative energy company, also located in Guelph.

Guelph Hydro Inc., named Large Company of the Year by the Ontario Energy Association in 2011 and honoured with the Environmental Stewardship award by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce in 2012, is helping to create a reliable, diversified and sustainable energy supply to ensure the long-term competitiveness and prosperity of the communities it serves. The company is actively developing sustainable energy projects as a key implementer of the City of Guelph's internationally renowned Community Energy Initiative.