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Guelph Police Services Ratifies New Contract

Web posted on May 21, 2014

The Guelph Police Services Board today announced that it has reached a two-year contract settlement (January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014) with the Guelph Police Association following contract negotiations throughout 2013 to 2014.

As part of these negotiations, the Guelph Police Services Board conducted a comprehensive survey of comparative police agencies to ensure salaries, benefits and other collective agreement items were representative as well as within the median range. The settlement aligns the Guelph Police Service with local comparators including the Guelph Fire Department and Waterloo Regional Police Service.

The deal will see the following salary increases to uniform and civilian positions:
Effective January 1, 20131.0%
Effective July 1, 20131.0%
Effective December 1, 20130.75%
Effective January 1, 20141.5%
Effective July 1, 20141.0%
Effective December 1, 20140.2%

The Guelph Police Services Board and Association worked collaboratively to find a number of internal efficiencies and financial savings while ensuring a high level of service to the community.

The Guelph Police Association is comprised of approximately 188 uniform members and 90 civilian members.

"We are proud of our members of the Guelph Police Service who provide a high level of policing services to the city of Guelph. We recognize the continued need to ensure the Service is innovative and efficient with a strong focus on long-term planning to ensure a professional and financially responsible approach to community policing" said Judy Sorbara, Chair of the Police Services Board.

The Guelph Police Service is the 15th largest municipal police service in Ontario with 296 members with an operating budget of $35 million. The Service is responsible for the delivery of policing services to the more than 120 000 citizens of the City of Guelph and is built on the values of Pride, Service and Trust.

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