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Join The GPL In The New Book Find Project

Web posted on June 25, 2014

Guelph, ON The Guelph Public Library (GPL) announced today the launch of its "Guelph's Book Find Project." Books by Guelph authors are scattered throughout the city just waiting to be found by you! This exciting new community initiative needs your help to locate and map these literary treasures. Where, you say, can you find these great reads?

Why not look in your local coffee shop, shopping centre, at the market, community centre, church, doctor's office or maybe even on a park bench? How will I know if this book is part of the library's Guelph Book Find Project? Just look inside the front cover to discover a sticker with simple instructions on how to map the book. It's easy.

Here's how you can participate:
1. Search the city for a "Guelph's Book Find" literary treasure
2. Enjoy reading the title
3. Email the GPL at where you found your treasure
4. Release the title back into the "wild" for others to enjoy!

When you are finished with the title, leave it somewhere public so that someone else can discover and enjoy Guelph's talent! Be sure to explore the library's virtual map on a regular basis, which is tracking all of the Guelph Book Find titles at

Together let's see how far we can spread Guelph's literary talents!

About the Guelph Public Library:
The Guelph Public Library Board and staff envision a future where our customers know us, trust us, are proud of us, and inspire us. The Guelph Public Library benefits the entire community by providing lifelong learning opportunities. We believe in the freedom to read, learn and discover.

In 2013, over 2.1 million library items were borrowed by 53,185 customers. Library staff answered 112,518 questions. 6,715 people joined the library and 1,675 programs were offered (+37%) to over 39,269 participants (+34%). Every day over 300 library customers use the 34 public access computers to: connect to the internet, apply for jobs and do research on the World Wide Web.