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Locomotive 6167 Becomes Newest Museum Site

Web posted on August 02, 2014

locomotive 6167, front viewThe threatened thundershowers stayed away as a very special ceremony took place just outside of downtown Guelph today: the official transfer of CN Locomotive 6167 to the stewardship of Guelph Museums.

The ceremony began with a lone piper and the ringing of 5157's bell, followed by brief presentations by Guelph Museums, the 6167 Restoration Committee, and Mayor Karen Farbridge. The people involved in the twelve-year trek from striking a committee to today, many of whom were in the audience, were emotional as they watched this magnificent piece of history change from a work-in-progress to a shining jewel in the Royal City's crown. Now, 6167 will be the third location for the Guelph Museums, becoming a larger-than-life exhibit and much, much more.

Canadian National Railways Locomotive 6167 is one of the few remaining steam locomotives of its' type still in existence, with only 203 made in Canada. It was built in 1940 in Montreal, and put into immediate service, hauling cargo and passengers across Ontario and Quebec. In 1943, 6167 was involved in a serious crash with another locomotive, in which her engineer was killed; the damage was significant but, due to the war efforts, she was rebuilt and put back into service.

On October 12, 1967, Locomotive 6167 received her final orders from CN: to travel to the Guelph Station, park on the secondary tracks, and to expect tender loving care and admiration during her extended stop in the Royal City as she is considered to be a superior train. (A picture of that final order is at the end of this article.)

In 2002, the preparations for the hard work of restoring 6167 to her former glory began, with the actual restoration starting in 2008. Over $40,000 was raised by the committee to help defray costs. Volunteers studied, learned and worked with professionals, putting in long hours to ensure that 6167 was restored historically accurately. This enormous undertaking was recognized in 2012 by the City of Guelph's induction into the North American Railway Hall of Fame.

ribbon cutting for 6167

Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge cuts the ribbon on Locomotive 6167, aided by the head of the 6167 Restoration Committee, while Tammy Adkin, manager of Guelph Museums, watches.

locomotive 6167, side view

6167 will now be an active participant in the ongoing work of the Guelph Museums, who will work diligently to help bring this beautiful machine's history to life for generations to come.

6167's very last train order

CN Locomotive 6167 is part of the Guelph Transportation Hub, located south of the CN tracks on Farquhar Street (northeast of Wyndham Street South).