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Sign Poll - Municipal Election 2014

Web posted on September 22, 2014

As fall takes over from summer, the citizens of Guelph once again find themselves going to the polls - October 27, 2014 is the date for our Municipal General Elections. Here at The Fountain Pen we are beginning to gear up for our traditional Sign Poll.

Given how many candidates we have running this time (44 as of the close of nominations), it would be unwieldy to report on every councillor candidate sign - so we are going to limit this poll to mayoral, Ward 1, and Ward 2 candidates.


Date Blokhuis Donovan Farbridge Guthrie Legere Ross St. Denis
09/153602227 000
09/224703242 000
09/304502937 000
10/064301937 000

Ward 1

Date Bell Gibson O'Connor Pezzano Pickett
09/1501080 6
09/22123250 11
09/30124251 10
10/061202010 8

Ward 2

Date Collier Ferraro Gordon Keleher Matwey Van Hellemond
09/150017 0160
09/220031 01610
09/300028 01611
10/0612917 01913

The Sign Poll is The Fountain Pen's very own completely unscientific polling system. We have chosen a meandering route throughout the city of Guelph, and keep track of how many political election signs appear along that route for each candidate. Yes, the route is secret, so the results can't be skewed artificially, and Yes, the counts are done at approximately the same time of day. The numbers will be tabulated every few days and published on our Sign Poll page.

You may ask how we came up with such a nifty idea. Well, we are all very observant and fond of nature, and have noticed a sharp increase in sightings of the usually rare signicus politikus - the Election Sign. These signs tend to flock to the edge of roadways and intersections every time an election is called. We thought that it would be interesting to see if there was any correlation between the number of signs for a given candidate and how well that candidate does on voting day.

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