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It Is Construction Season, Be Careful

Web posted on July 22, 2015

Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind motorists about the necessity of being extra cautious while travelling in "CONSTRUCTION ZONES".

When approaching a construction zone, exercise caution and slow down. Be aware that vehicles ahead of you may stop unexpectedly. Avoid watching what is being done to the road and concentrate on your driving.

Watch for a traffic person that directs the flow of traffic. They are there to protect the construction workers as well as you.

Heavy equipment is extremely large with many blind spots, be aware of these areas and for everyone's safety, avoid them.

Slow down. Speed fines are doubled when there are workers present. Being 15km/h over the posted limit will cost you $95.

Road construction crews are concerned about motorists who drive through areas they are working in. Please give them a brake. They have families too.