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Web posted on October 07, 2015

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

My name is Les, and I am a curmudgeon. Sometimes you will get my opinions and thoughts about current events, other times I won't let the facts get in the way of a good argument. Think of me as a re-arranger of fecal matter. I am a curmudgeon, and I can do that.

The silly season is upon us. Yes, there is an election out there and we are having our collective intelligence insulted. After watching the attack ads, the leaders behaving badly (the debate), and the TV sound bites, I have come to the conclusion that our choices are: Whack-a-doodle Nut Job, Delusional Madman, Spawn of Satan, and Dark Lord of the Sith (with apologies to Darth Vader). Have fun trying to match up the term of endearment to the actual leader. After all, each description could fit each leader. Some food for thought, or just indigestion.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how bad the leaders appear to be, how stupid and unrealistic their promises seem to be, no matter how much you dislike them, when all is said and done, we still have to get out their and vote. If you don't vote, the other guy's (or gal's) choice will become our next Prime Minister, and you really don't want that to happen. Or do you? Right now I am leaning towards the Dark Lord of the Sith. Remember if you don't vote, he just might get in.

I urge everyone to take each or our Party leaders with a large grain of (the bigger the better) salt. They will say whatever it takes to get your vote. Look at the issues and promises and see how they stack up against your own values. As of right now each Party has said something that is very important to me. On the other hand, each Party has a long list of promises I cannot live with . There are also a couple of absolute deal breakers.

This brings us to our local candidates. Our last two Members of Parliament have done an excellent job of representing the people of Guelph. We need this type of commitment to continue. I urge everyone to get to know our local candidates. Drop by the campaign office, even if you have to hold your nose, talk to the volunteers. Pick up and read the campaign literature. If possible, meet the candidate. One thing I would urge is to tell everyone in each office in no uncertain terms that your potential vote is entirely dependent on NOT hearing from that candidate by phone. This should shake things up. Also ask them if they are using local talent and providers for their web sites. This is a valid question about local commitment. One Party has already taken themselves out of contention by calling a couple of days after the writ being dropped. I told the volunteer that they had just lost my vote by calling me.

Candidates and volunteers should do things the old fashioned way, going door to door. Make them work for your vote. I have not had a visit from any candidate (or representatives) federal, provincial, or local for the past three elections. More emphasis must be put on doing things on a personal level. I will avoid all of the anti-social media sites of the Parties for the duration.

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