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A Curmudgeon's View - Final Election Thoughts

Web posted on October 17, 2015

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

A few more random thoughts and observations about our on going election campaign, or should I call it the cam-pain (in the you know what). I now know what lasts longer than that bunny in the battery commercials. My house plants are having their intelligence insulted by some of the ads. Good news, there is a guy wandering around the streets in white robes, with a long white beard. carrying a sign saying "THE END IS NEAR."

The ongoing polls are fun to deal with. Since the writ was dropped I have received three automated calls. I gave three different and contradictory answers, anything but the truth. I know they have formulas for everything, but if they keep calling, I will keep making up answers. If more people did this, it would skew (or is that screw) their precious margin of error.

Then there are the election signs that have sprung up like unwanted weeds. Just a few thoughts here. If you put your picture on your sign, to me it looks like you are auditioning for a poster that will be going up on a post office (are they still around?) wall, or a dart board. I don't care what colour your sign is, I don't want to see your picture. Everybody knows the name of all the leaders. Invoking your leader's name on your sign reminds me of some third world dictatorship where the leader's name has to be on everything. There is one candidate who has said that he is "for Guelph" on his signs. That means more than a picture, or leader's name. A plain sign in the colour of your Party, (we all know what your colour stands for), and your last name in white is all that is really needed.

As for you idiots (my editors won`t let me use the other word even though it is a vital body part) out there knocking down and damaging election signs. If you don't like a candidate, don't vote for them. If you cannot be respectful, slither back into the primordial ooze. Sorry, did I use big words you do not understand? Doing this makes me want to vote for the attacked candidate. Tampering with election signs should result in a lifetime voting ban plus some serious community service time. I would suggest picking up goose poop along the river banks, or cleaning up the off leash dog parks, at least ten hours per sign, and a fine. Unfortunately, public floggings have fallen out of favour. I don't care what your political affiliation is, don't "effing" tamper with the signs

A nice clean respectful campaign would have been nice. The platforms should have been released the first week. The leaders should have been defending their platforms and records instead of attacking each other. It would have been nice to know how they are going save my money, not how they are going to spend it. Instead of voting for the best promises, it has come down to voting against promises I cannot live with. Three of the four Parties have done that, making my choice very easy. It's now up to you to make your choice. Think carefully about what has been promised, and if it is indeed the best for Canada. Now get out there and vote, so you can cancel mine. If you don't vote you can't complain! I will have a lot more to say after the dust has settled and the whining dies down from the characters who did not win. Election Day is this Monday.

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