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Lest We Forget

Web posted on November 09, 2015

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

Remembrance Day is on Wednesday. While the main service is downtown, I would recommend a visit to McCrae House for something a little different. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 234 has a service at 9:00 in the Memorial Gardens. The students of John McCrae School walk to McCrae House for their service at 10:30. This year being the anniversary of "In Flanders Fields" and I am sure they will have something special planned. A large number of parents and other visitors always attend. For the thirteenth year members of the Guelph Amateur Radio Club have set up a special event location. They will be on site until November 11. I am looking forward to seeing the renovations, and the service. It should be mostly sunny and slightly above normal temperatures. Unless I state otherwise, please assume that I have no affiliation with any group, or organization that I write about.

Recently there has been some discussion about making Remembrance Day a Holiday. I like the fact that more businesses pause at 11:00 for a moment of silence. This a growing trend. Schools have special assemblies and services. Would more people go to services if we had a National Holiday? Would people watch the services on television? I have a feeling that too many would take it just as a paid day off, and would want Monday or Friday off. Right now I am mostly undecided, but could be convinced either way. I like the British idea of having a Remembrance Sunday (the Sunday closest to November 11) to allow more people to take part.

Stores and advertisers should hold off on Christmas stuff until after Remembrance Day. There is a grocery store in Manitoba leaving some shelves bare with a sign "Lest We Forget." This is a great idea, and more stores should consider doing this. It would certainly gain a lot of respect, and I would probably go out of my way to support a retailer who made this effort.

If you are able to get to a Remembrance Day Service please do so. If you can't get downtown, or McCrae House, see if you can get to your kid's school service. The local service is televised on cable, and the Ottawa service is also televised. If you have to work please try to observe the two minutes of silence. Please honour our veterans and wear your poppy. As for those people who steal poppy donation boxes, I am sure the Legion can come up with something appropriate for community service. I would not be so forgiving.

After last week's rather long post, I decided to keep this one short.

Les Enekes can be reached directly by owl. For those not owl equipped, he can be reached at

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