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Two Budgets, A Dinner, Terror and Other Stuff

Web posted on April 04, 2016

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

Well a lot has happened in the past few weeks. The highlight was a State Dinner by a lame duck President, hosting a question ducking Prime Minister. That was a rather fowl event, and it went rapidly downhill from there.

We had the Ontario budget that will just raise our cost of living. I will have a lot more to say about the carbon tax and the so called cap and trade in future columns. Alcohol and tobacco taxes going up. Good news for all the people making money selling illegal and cheap cigarettes. Free tuition for students from low income families. Not a bad idea, but what about those currently in school or recent grads? More thought should have been given to this, with some sort of phase in period. It came down to just your typical fiberal screw everyone budget. Funding cuts to health care and education should have been restored.

Then there was the budget from Young Trudeau and the gang. Wow, campaign promises bite the dust. Spending like there is no tomorrow. Billions in deficit and debt. How many generations will it take to pay this down? It makes our provincial budget look downright stingy. I must admit that the money to be spent on our indigenous peoples is very long overdue. How much of it will actually get there and be spent properly is another question. We cannot afford this kind of reckless spending. I will have more to say in future columns.

Well we did get our 25,000 refugees by the deadline date. How many of them will be living for weeks or months in expensive hotels? While on the subject of immigration, it has been decided to increase the number of immigrants this year to record numbers. Yes, we do need more people coming in. Obviously our economy is in fantastic shape and unemployment is so low that we are in desperate need of workers. Our First Nations people and all the homeless people have been properly looked after. We are now able to bring in more immigrants without straining our resources. WAIT A MINUTE, that is all taking place in an alternate reality. Our reality is that we are not in a position to have over 300,000 immigrants come to Canada this year. Obviously, someone needs new voters for the next election.

It was rather interesting to note that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was the only politician invited to speak at Nancy Reagan's funeral. Nice counter point to the other guy's visit to Washington for dinner, which reminds me, I wonder when he will be visiting Ottawa?

There was an election in Saskatchewan this week. While I would not generally comment on elections in other provinces, I do want to mention that Canada's only honest politician (it is theoretically possible that there might be another honest one out there) did not run for re-election in the riding of Wood River which he has represented since 2000. I am referring to Yogi Huyghebaert (Lt. Col. Retired), former leader of the Snowbirds. Congratulations on your retirement Yogi.

I have been following the election battles down south and it is getting really scary. They spend more money trying to elect people than the GDP of many small countries, and look what it has gotten them so far. You would think that with 320 million people they could come up with better contenders. I have a feeling that no matter who gets elected, we should give serious thought to building a wall along the border. They are giving me enough material that it could take up every column between now and November. Once they figure out who the candidates will be, I will have a lot more to say. Until then, I have a lot of things to write about much closer to home.

Unfortunately, once again terrorists have struck in Europe, this time in Brussels. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. Of course, as always the usual suspects will say the same old things they have said after each of the past attacks. The same old things will be done, and sooner or later there will be another attack. Unfortunately the security people have to get it right all the time, while the terrorists just have to keep trying until they get something past security. I plan to revisit the issue of terrorism in a future column.

Condolences to the family of Rob Ford. He will be missed by friends and foes. Rest In Peace.

Mother Nature got the last word and last laugh with our weather. For the most part it wasn't as bad in town as it was to the north of us where people were without power for days. The past two weeks were not exactly as the rodents predicted back in February. Somehow the weather delivery system mixed up the first two weeks in March with the first two weeks in April. Not everything went as planned for a lot of people. Thus you get to read me twice this week.

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