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From Queen's Park to Orlando

Web posted on June 16, 2016

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

It's time to have another look at the shenanigans in and around Queen's Park. Premier Whine and her fiberal gang make Young Trudeau look like Scrooge when it comes to spending our money. I am working on a few more columns on some of these issues.

Let's start with the Pan Am Games. They came in well over budget (what a surprise), with the exact figures being disputed. I seem to recall news reports about the budget being raised to hide how badly they were over budget. They also paid bonuses to the hired staff. The bonuses should have been based on how much money they saved, not how much money they spent. While it may have been good for Toronto tourism (in their opinion), and our athletes won a lot of medals, the rest of us will be paying for it because the province agreed to cover the shortfall. Hosting a major sporting event is a very costly venture, and should not be considered unless there is an iron clad guarantee of staying within or under budget.

Then there is the debacle known as our health care system. On one hand the government is telling us that they are spending billions on healthcare, and on the other hand we are hearing about cuts in front line hospital staff and cuts to what doctors are getting. The fiberals are telling us that they are building new hospitals and upgrading others. This is great for the construction industry, but if there is nobody around to properly staff the hospitals what's the point? The overpaid bureaucracy seems to be growing at an alarming rate. The messages coming out are so mixed and contradictory that we really don't know what is going on. Based on the evidence locally, there is not enough staff at our hospitals, and long term care facilities. The situation with home care is just as bad if not worse. The entire health care system needs to be fixed immediately, and not just in Ontario.

We are being ripped off with all the increased fees. Every time we renew any licence the price goes up. As far as I can tell every provincial fee has gone up. They are raising the all of these fees every year, instead of as needed to cover costs. Another fiberal money grab.

They want to close several Service Ontario locations including the one here in Guelph leaving only the tiny privately operated location at the corner of Woodlawn and Silvercreek. The privately operated locations should not be allowed to use the name Service Ontario as they do not provide all the all the services that the real locations provide. We have a cabinet minister here in town and she couldn't keep the location open. Remember that when it comes time to vote.

Of course there is the Climate Change plan, which is designed to take more of our money in the most fraudulent manner possible. Once again, another fiberal cash grab. They are saying how they will give all sorts of money to help with everything from retrofits to buying electric cars, that the average consumer can't afford. All that money they are going to steal from the average person and small business is somehow going to just disappear into the black hole that is known as general revenue. Oh, it will magically come back just before the next election with all sorts of terrific sounding and very costly promises.

It is interesting that four cabinet ministers stepped down ahead of the cabinet shuffle. This reminds me of the departure of numerous cabinet minsters prior to the last federal election. They saw the iceberg and knew what they had to do. The Premier went ahead with the time honoured tradition of rearranging the deck chairs.

The next provincial election is scheduled for June 14, 2018. This gives less than two years for the opposition parties to get their acts together. They have a lot of work to do after their disastrous campaigns of the last provincial election. We cannot afford another fiberal government.

The latest on the Rodents of Unusual Size (of the four legged variety, just to clarify) in Toronto is that one of them has been captured. At this point it is unknown whether it was Buttercup or Westley. It looks like they called in Miracle Max to help.

We lost two great ones over the past couple of weeks. Mohammad Ali and Gordie Howe, may you rest in peace.

Another mass shooting down south. This time in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub. There are at least 50 dead making it the worst mass shooting in American history. The shooter was American born of Afghan origin. He called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. It certainly looks like both a hate crime and terrorism. The news media is full of opinions and speculation from all the usual experts. There are too many angry psychopaths and sociopaths out there who have latched onto radical causes for convenience rather than ideology. If someone hates gays for example, and sees that the ISIS types are anti-gay, they will naturally gravitate towards that group. They may not have a clue about Islam, but they like what they see. It remains unclear whether the shooter was gay and couldn't cope with it, or he was homophobic and was checking out the place ahead of his attack. What we may never know if he was a true believer in Islam gone bad, or if he just went off the deep end.

I am sure that this event will be a major part of the election campaign. All the candidates said exactly what we knew they would say. In the mean time condolences to the families of all concerned.

It's hard to comprehend how the kind peace loving Islam of Mohammad Ali can be so perverted by some people as to commit acts of hate and terror like we have seen in Orlando, San Bernardino, Brussels and Paris.

The news keeps changing as I write this column. I have already made several changes as needed, however with a personal deadline to send in the column, by the time you read this, things will probably be out of date.

Les Enekes can be reached directly by owl. For those not owl equipped, he can be reached at

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