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Council Approves New Fees For Waste Drop Off

Web posted on July 19, 2016

Guelph, Ont., July 19, 2016 Last night Council approved recommended improvements to the Public Waste Drop-off (PDO) site and the residential yard waste collection program that require changes to existing fees, starting August 1.

"The changes approved by Council at last night's meeting are the first step in making yard waste processing and the Public Drop-off more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective," says Cameron Walsh, plant manager of Solid Waste Resources. "We heard loud and clear that there's a need for improvements at the Waste Resources Innovation Centre, specifically for the yard waste drop off, and we're ready to put in place changes this summer."

The short- and long-term changes include:

  • A new design for the weigh scales at the Public Drop-off to accommodate more vehicles during peak times and reduce wait times and lineups. Council approved the transfer of $225,000 from the City's Greenhouse Gas Reserve to fund the new design and interim site changes. Work on the conceptual design will begin in 2016.
  • A new $5 fee for residential yard waste, an increase from $3 to $5 for the minimum mixed solid waste fee, and a $5 minimum fee in addition to the existing $60 per tonne fee for all commercial yard waste.
  • An expanded residential curbside yard waste collection, to run biweekly from April to November starting in 2017, for Council to consider as part of the 2017 budget process.

    The new fees are consistent with those charged by Guelph's comparable municipalities.

    The revenue from the new fees will help recover costs for the existing yard waste drop-off program, pay for the remainder of the conceptual scale design at the PDO and provide funding for interim site changes.

    The recommended improvements were based on feedback from Public Drop-Off users, Guelph residents and Solid Waste Resources staff, collected earlier this year.