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Climate Change the Great Debate

Web posted on September 29, 2016

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

Climate change is a constant and cannot be denied. Some of our deserts were lush with vegetation in the past. There have been ice ages of different intensities and, there have been warm periods. With or without humans our climate goes through changes caused by everything from volcanic activity to solar cycles.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution we have had an effect on our climate. There can be no doubt about that. We have disrupted the natural flow of climate change. This is still being debated by some of our scientists. It wasn't that long ago that we were being warned about a mini ice age by some of the same scientists who are now on the global warming bandwagon. When they say that we are having the warmest summer on record, they mean in recent times. We have been keeping accurate weather records for less than one hundred fifty years.

Even with the best of technology we can only predict the weather with any real accuracy a few hours in advance. How many times do we go to bed expecting the predicted weather, and wake up to something totally different? Ever notice that sometimes you can check three different forecasts, and get at least three different opinions? The scientific predictions for any given season are more often wrong than right. Those rodents out there seem to be almost as good with their spring forecasts. The Farmer's Almanac appears to have a better track record than the so called professionals.

It took us a long time to accept the fact that we were creating a problem even though the signs were there all along. Think about the black smoke from factories, and the blue smoke from cars not so long ago. Think of what Hamilton looked like just a few decades ago. A lot has already been done to clean up our little corner of the world, and we should be rewarded for that, not punished as our governments want to do. (Isn't it interesting that anything "green" always costs a lot more?) Most of our air pollution comes from south of the border. There are still many parts of the world where there are very few, if any, controls over what goes into the atmosphere. Just take a look at Beijing and other places in China. The disease is easy profit and greed. If we impose restrictions (cap and trade), companies will take their cap, and trade where they can get away with just about anything from low wages and deplorable working conditions, to polluting all they want, and use any excuse other than the truth. With all the free trade agreements, this is just too easy. The symptoms are pollution, holes in the ozone layer, climate patterns being disrupted.

Until everyone is on board with a realistic, sustainable, and affordable plan, nothing will happen. This is not as simplistic as our politicians (She Who Must Not Be Re-elected for one) are telling us. What is being shoved down our throats is a very tiny drop in very large bucket. Of course it looks good on the front page. (I believe that in the days of they Soviet Union, they used to say "If it is on the front page of Pravda, it must be true." or something like that) We are getting a carbon tax to pay for all the commercials (using child labour) about what a wonderful job the fiberals are doing on climate control. The reality is like trying to put a no smoking section in a restaurant where everyone smokes. It took a long time to get smoking sections in restaurants where a few people smoked. Eventually we got to no smoking in restaurants. Now the smokers stand outside the door. You get the picture. People are still polluting and causing all sorts of environmental problems, it just keeps moving somewhere else. The issue is bigger than merely climate change. It involves a complete change in our global society. While it's good to start somewhere, everyone must be on board.

There are some things that must be taken out of the equation. Let's start with the Hollywood and entertainment types and their cause of the week. Then we need to eliminate the photo op loving, selfie taking politicians (you know who I am talking about). Next we need to keep the tax loving greedy politicians (The Queen of Greed comes to mind) out of the way. We also need to keep the publicity loving, self promoting "scientists" with their own TV shows away from the table. That leaves very few people who we can trust.

We can have all the climate conferences for the benefit of the photo loving politicians, and they can say all sorts of wonderful things, but nothing happens to the real culprits. Until we get the polluting countries on board with real action, anything the rest of the world does is just going through the motions. There are probably more polluting countries out there than there are clean, or even relatively clean.

Let the real independent scientists (those who are not being paid off by some special interest group, or with their own self serving egotistical agendas) tell us what is really going on. There has to be a handful of honest ones out there who can be trusted. That is if they can ever come to an agreement. Herding cats is infinitely easier. It almost seems that there are conflicting theories on almost everything being released every week. Science in many ways still remains very inexact. They keep changing their minds about what is good or bad for us with great regularity. Just look at the latest news that flossing really does not make that much difference.

I am all for doing the right thing. Which begs the question what is the right thing to do? Even more important, who can we trust? It seems that we are getting a lot of food for thought, and I am getting a serious case of mental indigestion.

Positive things are being done, but many more realistic things will have to be done.

This is going to be another one of those multi part columns that will probably be spread out over several months. Everything will come together and make sense, maybe.

On a side note, thank you for the positive comments about the Great Downey Road Disaster. This story is far from over, and I have a feeling that it will just get worse instead of better.

Les Enekes can be reached directly by owl. For those not owl equipped, he can be reached at

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