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City Changing Toilet and Wash Machine Rebates

Web posted on November 15, 2016

Guelph, Ont., November 15, 2016 - The City's Smart Wash washing machine rebate program is ending December 31, and Royal Flush toilet rebates will change January 1, 2017. The changes to the City's rebate programs were recommended in the City's updated Water Efficiency Strategy, which was approved by Council on September 27.

"We are ending the Smart Wash rebate as a result of changes in the market place," said Heather Yates, supervisor of water efficiency for the City. "Most washing machines on the market today are both water and energy efficient, and the City's rebate is no longer motivating washing machine purchases."

Residents, property managers and businesses can still apply for the $100 Smart Wash after buying a qualifying washing machine on or before December 31. Applications for the rebate must be submitted by March 31, 2017. All the terms and conditions for the Smart Wash rebate program can be found at

Toilet rebates available to more homes and businesses
To encourage more residents to update older, inefficient toilets, the City is expanding the Royal Flush rebate program to a wider audience. The new program, which begins January 1, 2017, will offer $50 rebates for the replacement of 6-litre or larger toilets with qualifying 4.8-litre or smaller WaterSense models in Guelph homes, residential buildings or business facilities built prior to 2014.

Past Royal Flush rebate recipients who replace a 6-litre toilet and meet all the requirements of the new rebate program can also apply.

"Toilets are becoming more efficient," noted Yates. "You don't need a lot of water to flush your toilet any more, and the performance of low-flush toilets is constantly improving. Toilets that flush 6-litres or more are wasting water, especially earlier models that perform poorly and require two flushes instead of one."

Residents, property managers and businesses can still apply for the $75 rebate for replacing 13-litre or larger toilets with a qualifying WaterSense models. New toilets must be purchased on or before December 31, 2016 to qualify. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2017 to get the $75 rebate. All the terms and conditions for the current Royal Flush rebate program and more information about the new program can be found at

Since 2006, the Royal Flush and Smart Wash rebate programs have saved enough water to fill more than 1460 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or enough water to supply 20,293 average three-person households with water for a year.