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Busy Days, Shuffles, and Whining

Web posted on January 19, 2017

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

There will be many events over the next couple of weeks. We have all sorts of stuff leading up to Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. There are just too many unknowns at this point so it could be a very interesting day.

Next week will be even busier. If you are of the Scottish persuasion, or like single malt, haggis, and bag pipes, the 25th is Robbie Burns Day. If you come from a land down under, the 26th is Australia Day, so put another shrimp on the barbie. The first day of the Chinese New Year is on the 28th. It will be the year of the rooster, and I am using all my willpower to resist using any puns. Appropriate greetings to all.

Young Trudeau rearranged some deck chairs recently. Yes I know that line is almost as old as the Titanic, but still remains true. Perhaps in this case it could be thought of as putting some young new eyes on deck. While there is something to be said for youth, but the right type of experience is also needed. Finding the right balance can be very difficult especially if one is trying to do it strictly by demographics. The iceberg is out there waiting. Will they see it in time, or is it already too late?

Two former members of the Cabinet are leaving politics. (This is a good thing) Instead of truly retiring one will be double dipping at our expense as the ambassador to China. The other is undecided at the moment. These two should never have run in the last election, let alone been appointed to cabinet. Now we will have to pay for a couple of "buy" elections. Young Trudeau will do everything possible to buy the votes with all sorts of new promises. What a waste of time and money, not that Young Trudeau cares about money. These two should be very safe Liberal seats, but surprises seem to be the norm.

The selection of our new Foreign Minister would seem to be a wise choice. She is not liked in Russia at the moment which is a good thing. She should be able to hold her own with the Trump administration. We need a strong person in this position and I hope that she can live up to the responsibility.

The timing of his meet the people tour is somewhat suspicious. Could it be that he is catching on to the fact that he is no longer as popular as he was just a few months ago? Perhaps he is getting that sinking feeling. More work and fewer selfies are needed. So far it would seem that he is still saying a lot, but not much is really happening. It is almost impossible to get a straightforward answer. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. If he listens, and acts on the concerns of the people at the meetings, there is hope.

She Who Must Not Be Re-elected also did some rearranging of her deck chairs. The difference here is that the iceberg is in the rear view mirror and the rats are long gone. There is no hope.

To all those Hollywood types still whining about the election results, put up or shut up. If you don't like the situation, do the honourable thing and run for office. If you can get elected, you just might earn some respect. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Jesse Ventura, and many others in the entertainment industry have run for office. Some did not win, some were very successful, and others failed. They all had the courage of their convictions to run for office.

There are millions of people out there who voted for Donald Trump. If all those people decide to stop watching your shows, stop going to your movies, or stop buying your records, it will hurt your income. You are hurting your brand and could lose a large percentage of your audience. If producers start losing money because of your actions, they will find other less controversial talent. You have the right to remain silent, please do so. Impress me with your talent, not your political views. I have always wondered if talent is inversely proportional to the size of the mouth.

The anti-Trump people are urging all sorts of boycotts of businesses and artists who supported Trump. Boycotts can backfire. Trump supporters have the option of making sure that they support those businesses, just like they can stop watching or listening to your endeavours. When you get more screen time for your causes than for your talent, there is something very wrong.

Your job is to entertain me, not whine about your causes. When you stop entertaining me, you have lost me. By the way, this also applies to those of you on all sides of the spectrum.

The louder you are, the more likely I will either completely ignore you or even support the other side.

I think of myself as being equal opportunity. I will always go after the people in power no matter where they are on the political spectrum. It is always easier to find fault with those in power, than those in opposition. I will give Donald Trump a bit of a honeymoon just like I did with Young Trudeau. Everyone should get a chance to prove themselves. There is a big difference between what is said in the heat of the campaign, and the reality of getting elected. Some people step up and do a great job, others crash and burn.

As I said after the election he could be the best or the worst President of the United States. The first 30 days in office should give us a good hint about things to come. In my books a honeymoon can last for a few days, if they do something truly outrageous, to several months if they behave themselves. Let's see what happens.

There are lots of things happening on this side of the border and elsewhere that are worthy of comment.

Les Enekes can be reached directly by owl. For those not owl equipped, he can be reached at

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