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Guelph Police Reports - Feb. 14, 2017

Web posted on February 14, 2017

Man stabbed in robbery

On February 13th, 2017 at approximately 11pm, a male and female were visiting downtown Guelph from Brampton. They were approached by two males and asked for a cigarette. The victim did not have a cigarette and told them so. The two males then demanded money and fought with the victim.

The victim was stabbed in the chest and suffered a fractured knee from the altercation. The victim attended Guelph General Hospital for treatment of his injuries and was later discharged. The injuries were non-life-threatening.

The suspects were not known to the victim and not identified.

Both suspects are described as male white, 20-30 years of age with dark coats. One male wore a toque with a pom-pom on top.

Any persons with information about this incident can contact D/Cst. John Hunt at extension # 7359 or D/Cst. D. VandenEnden at extension 7107. Anonymous tips can be left at CRIME STOPPERS 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submitted online at


Man seen with a gun

Just before 7pm on February 13th, police responded to the parking lot of a Willow Road apartment building when someone reported they had seen a man walking around with a black handgun.

Officers contained the area and were able to locate the man in question inside of the building, only to learn that the gun in question was a BB pistol that was a replica of a Beretta 92 pistol.

The pistol in question was seized for destruction and investigation determined that no criminal intent existed for charges to be laid.

This trend towards replica guns that are indistinguishable from the actual firearms is alarming. If you know anyone who has one of these replicas guns, please remind them of the dangers associated with having these guns and showing them anywhere in public.

In the interests of public safety, the primary response will be to consider them as actual firearms until a physical inspection proves otherwise. Be smart and be safe showing it in a public place is never a good idea.


Sleeping driver impaired

At approximately 1am today, police noticed a vehicle that was parked and running in a laneway off Starwood Drive. Closer inspection showed that the female driver was asleep inside the vehicle and there was some difficulty awakening her.

Once awake, investigation led to the woman being arrested for impaired care and control of a motor vehicle. When she was arrested, a search found a quantity of marijuana on her person.

She was transported to the police station and then also failed two additional test to determine her blood alcohol level.

Lisa Anne Windsor, a 49 year-old Guelph woman was charged with impaired care and control of a motor vehicle, over 80 mg care and control and possession of a controlled substance. She was released and will appear before a Guelph court at a later date.


Traffic related incidents

Over the course of the day the road conditions improved and police responded to 14 minor vehicle collisions where no injuries were reported.

Traffic stops of 58 vehicles resulted in 38 Highway Traffic Act related charges.

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