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Guelph Police Reports - Mar. 15, 2017

Web posted on March 15, 2017

Vehicle strikes building

At approximately 5:35pm on March 14th an Arthur Street resident called police to report that a vehicle had crashed into his home while he was inside. Guelph police, fire and ambulance personnel arrived to find a full sized pick-up truck that had gone completely through the outer wall of the home. Even though there was extensive damage to the home and the truck, there were no injuries reported in this collision.

The driver of the pick-up truck is a 38 year old Guelph man who was charged with careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act.


Victim uncooperative with police

Just before 7pm on March 14th, police responded to a disturbance outside of a Willow Road apartment building. When police arrived to investigate they learned that two men had been fighting and one of the men was knocked unconscious.

Believing the man's injuries to be serious, the 29 year old Guelph man was transported by ambulance to the hospital and the second male was arrested for assault. After arriving at the hospital and undergoing medical testing, it was learned that the man was not suffering from any visible injuries.

He would not cooperate with police with any information to support a charge in the assault. As a result, the 22 year old male who assaulted him was released unconditionally without charge.


Vehicle collisions

Despite being under a weather alert for a system that was going to hit this part of the province, there were only seven collisions that were reported to police yesterday that did not involve any injuries.


Call for service

On March 14, 2017, Guelph police responded to 162 calls for service.

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