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April Events and Other Thoughts

Web posted on April 03, 2017

A Curmudgeon's View

By Les Enekes

April arrived on Saturday, and we all know what that means. Officially it is a day for practical jokes. We can all have some fun and shake out the cobwebs now that winter has left us for another year. I also believe that is also an unofficial salute to all of our beloved politicians from Carden Street to Ottawa. Many people around the world might have similar thoughts about their elected officials and leaders. About half the people across the border know this to be a fact.

Baseball season starts on the 2nd. Will the Blue Jays make it past the first round of playoffs? Will they even make it to the playoffs?

For those of you of the Scottish persuasion the 6th is National Tartan Day. The first organized celebrations took place in New York City in 1982. It is now observed around the world. So put on your kilt and enjoy. Did you know that it takes about eight yards of fabric to make a kilt?

The 9th is Palm Sunday. It also marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

The 11th is the first day of Passover. The 14th brings us Good Friday and the 16th is Easter Sunday.

The 17th is National Blah Blah Blah Day. Sounds like a day dedicated to sports analysts and the so called news experts on all the networks. These people can talk for hours on end without saying one meaningful thing. Politicians (with one or two notable exceptions) pale in comparison.

If you are a vampire, you might want to avoid the United States on the 19th. It is National Garlic Day down south.

The 23rd brings us William Shakespeare's birthday. It is also Talk Like Shakespeare Day. For all of you who loved reading Shakespeare in high school this is your chance to speak in iambic pentameter and confuse the rest of us. I don't think they have anything special planned in Stratford, but the Festival season opens on the 15th and runs until October.

St. George's Day is also on the 23rd. Just because St. George is the patron saint of England and according to myth slew a dragon, his birthday is not celebrated as a holiday in England. It is, however, celebrated on the Monday closest to the 23rd (the 24th this year) in Newfoundland and Labrador as a provincial holiday. Have you noticed that they seem to have a lot more statutory holidays than we do?

It is rather interesting that we begin the month with fools and foolery, and end with National Honesty Day. We all know who won't be partaking in any celebrations.

There are many other celebrations in April, so whatever you plan to observe or celebrate, do so responsibly and enjoy.

April wasn't always the fourth month of the year. According to the earliest Roman calendars it was the second month. For a while it was the fifth month. Perhaps in some alternate universe, it is still the second month of the year. It has also alternated between having 29 and 30 days. It is truly amazing how much tinkering there has been with our calendar.

We all know that April tends to be a rather wet month, giving us the May flowers, but there is always that chance that Mother Nature might give us a reality check. It's that time of year where we might need a parka in the morning and shorts by the afternoon. Our songbirds have returned and are giving us their usual early morning concerts. I wonder how much of a spring we are going to get this year. We seem to transition from winter to summer with very little spring like weather in between.

It looks like that the Niska Road bridge debacle is going ahead. The Minister of the Environment approved the project. I was hoping that was going to tell the council to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more environmentally friendly solution. He certainly did not do his job, and should resign immediately. This project is going waste a lot of money that could be better spent. Construction won't even start until some time next year. According to reports the road will not reopen until some time in 2019. That gives lots of time for me to revisit and complain about this mess.

We have provincial and municipal elections coming up next year. We may not be able to change the plans for Niska Road, but we can certainly change our elected representatives. They all need to be voted out of office. Drain the Swamp. Drain the Cesspool.

Young Trudeau gave us a budget that does nothing to bring down the deficit, and really does nothing for the average taxpayer. The usual sin taxes have been raised. A few promises were broken in the budget. Wasn't there a promise to balance the books by the next election? I wonder how many generations it will take to pay off the debt he is creating. I don't think we have paid off the debt created by Trudeau the Elder. It is just business as usual for the fiberals.

Meanwhile, back at Queen's Park, it would seem that even friends and family are starting to desert She Who Must Not Be Re-elected. Her approval rating has been sinking for months now and is now below 20 percent. At this rate it should be down to a single digit approval rating long before the next election. I know that many voters out there have been giving her the single digit for a long time.

Les Enekes can be reached directly by owl. For those not owl equipped, he can be reached at

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