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Web posted on May 06, 2017

Hey Jude!

No "theology project" today, folks, but a news item from the congregation of St Jude, Guelph.

Beginning Sunday 7 May - that's today - we have a new time and place: 10:00 o'clock at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, 683 Woolwich Street, beside Riverside Park. Hope you'll pay us a visit. You might even like us and come back for more!

As we leave our previous venue, we want to extend a big Thank-you to the Guelph Black Heritage Society, who have been our kind and gracious hosts at Heritage Hall on Essex Street. We loved facility, but we found that afternoons are not a great time to hold church services. Our continued best wishes to the Missionary Baptist Church who meet there on Sunday mornings.

We're also looking forward to our mid-week study/discussion packages, the first of which will begin the week of 15 May. The first package will be a four-week series titled "Born to Trouble: the Gospel According to Job". Expect some head-stretching as we introduce the book of Job under the sub-topics: An Ancient Tale, Really Bad Orthodoxy, Not Pie in the Sky, and A Gospel Trailer. If this sparks your interest, e-mail me at the address below and I'll let you know the time and place. (It's no secret; we just need to firm up a decision.) I'll also e-mail you an abridged translation that actually makes the arguments of Job's windy friends accessible.

The "theology project" returns on 21 May. We'll try to have St Jude's website updated by then, too.

Rev Robert Lyon is the assistant at St. Jude, Guelph, a congregation of the Anglican Network in Canada. Robert welcomes your questions and comments, and will be pleased to discuss topics on request. Contact him at Also check out


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