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Share the Road Drive Safe Campaign Launch

Web posted on May 17, 2017

Today the Guelph Police Service will help launch the 2017 Drive Safe! R.I.D.E Campaign, a Province-wide campaign designed to keep our roadways among the safest in North America. The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) is sponsoring the campaign and reminding Ontarians to "Share the Road", with a particular emphasis on the following key areas:

  • Be aware of Ontario's "Move Over" legislation (which requires motorists to pull over to allow emergency vehicles to get by),
  • Share the road with cyclists,
  • Make sure pedestrians are safe, and
  • Look out for tow truck personnel at collision scenes.

The 2017 Drive Safe! R.I.D.E. Campaign features a booklet with information on what it means to share the road and information from Drive Safe! Campaign partners to help Ontarians make the right choices when it comes to their driving choices.

"Our roads and highways are among the safest in North America. But far too many people are still seriously injured and even killed on Ontario roads," said Acting Sergeant Dan MOSEY. "It's important that everyone drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians share the road."

In 2013, Ontario's injury rate (62.1 per 10,000 licensed drivers) was the lowest in Canada and the province's fatality rate (0.54 per 10,000 licensed drivers) was the second lowest in all of North America.

Yet in 2014, 94 pedestrians died in Ontario due to road accidents and 3,523 pedestrian were injured - 19.5 per cent of all road fatalities for the year and 13.4 per cent of all injuries. When it comes to cyclists, a total of nine fatalities and 1,713 injuries occurred during the same period.

According to Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox (Ontario Provincial Police), Co-Chair of the OACP Traffic Committee, one of the campaign's focus is to make motorists aware of Ontario's "Move Over" law.

The 2017 OACP Drive Safe! Campaign is supported by the following community partners: Accident Support Services International Inc.,, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, The Beer Store, Honda Canada, Canadian Tire, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Molson Coors, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Smart Serve Ontario, and VIA Rail Canada.

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