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Crime Stoppers Corner - June 2017 Edition

Web posted on June 07, 2017

An audience member at a recent Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW) presentation made an observation; that there's only bad news when it comes to our program.

It is understandable why she felt this way. Every week we send out "Crime of the Week" notices that ask for assistance regarding unsolved crime. That means every week you find out about crime in our community. If you follow us on social media, you know that we share information about ongoing issues such as arsons and break and enters. Again, this is pretty negative so she's not completely wrong.

However, we do share a lot of good news about our communities as well. Take, for example, our recent Mulch Sale Fundraisers. Alltreat Farms of Arthur has been a supporter for years, providing their product at a reduced rate to ensure we maximize our profits. Fleming Fast Freight of Fergus donates their delivery services annually as well.

This year two sales were held, one in Mount Forest and one in Fergus and in spite of the weather, they were very successful. The "good news" here is the generosity of customers who make the effort to buy their mulch from us, as well as in the case of Mount Forest, the corporate support of Young's Home Hardware and Scotiabank. Young's hosted the event and supplied the mulch at cost. This allowed us to raise $2,424. Scotiabank provided volunteers through the Bright Futures Program and also donated $2,000 as a result. In Fergus we raised more than $9,000. Outstanding!

Seeing corporate partners come together is very good news. Let's not forget the fun our volunteers have while taking part in these events. In both cases we have volunteers who've helped out repeatedly because they believe in CSGW and they enjoy our volunteer opportunities. This is also good news; people who give back to their community and having fun doing it. More good news comes in the form of our statistics, which you can check out on our website, You may feel it's bad that there has been so much criminal activity, but we like to think of it as these are crimes that have been stopped. The bad news would be if CSGW wasn't an option for reporting criminal activity, and these crimes continued.

If you've been a part of a CSGW mulch sale, we Thank You for being part of our good news! It's a wonderful example of how residents can come together and make their communities better.

Remember, call 1-800-222-TIPS or go to if you have information about crime in your community!

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by Sarah Bowers-Peter
Program Coordinator
Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington