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GCC Addresses City About Master Parking Plan

Web posted on July 19, 2017

Guelph, July 17, 2017: As one of the first major tests of the City's renewed commitment to fast and efficient decision making to support business and prosperity, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce is urging Council to move forward on the proposal for an expanded Wilson Street Parkade. This proposal provides the first major opportunity to add capacity to the downtown parking system in over three decades. It also provides a net overall increase in parking spaces while ensuring overall cost efficiency.

"The capacity for downtown to accommodate growth through vital infrastructure like parking will enable private sector investment. There is immense value in a progressive shared cost parking strategy that leverages private sector expertise, particularly given the advancements in Alternative Service Delivery & Finance methods related to parking that have been tried and tested in municipalities across Ontario," says Kithio Mwanzia, President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Availability and access to parking continues to play an important role in business decision making. Parking is a key component of growth enabling infrastructure. Solutions to infrastructure for parking are therefore a central pillar of economic competitiveness and economic development.

"Just one week ago, Council and Staff committed to decision making that would enable businesses to grow and be successful in our community, the decision before council to move forward on an innovative strategy for the implementation of the Parking Master Plan that achieves important outcomes for business and our overall competitiveness is an important test of that commitment," concludes Mwanzia.

By 2031 the downtown is set to have 8000 residents and at least 8000 jobs a net increase of 30%. As the downtown trajectory continues its upward trend the need becomes even greater to support existing and future businesses and activities that will serve to benefit the entire community and its economic output.