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Guelph Police Reports - August 02, 2017

Web posted on August 02, 2017


On August 1st police responded to nine motor vehicle collisions with one of them involving minor injuries to a driver.

As licensed drivers, we all recognize the need to share the roadway safely with all other vehicles including bicycles. Be aware of all of your surroundings while driving ensuring that all turns are made in safety. Allow plenty of room between the vehicles ahead of you and follow the posted speed limit.


Dogs in vehicles

Use caution if travelling with your pet. Car interiors can get hot fast.

It doesn't have to be that warm out for a car to become dangerously hot, even if the windows are down.

When it is 26C outside, the interior of a car can heat to 37C within 10 minutes.

Be aware of the heat when travelling with your pet.


Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington is looking for a few good people

"Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington needs citizens who live or work in the City of Guelph to join our volunteer Board of Directors. Tipsters anonymously report criminal activity through our program and fundraising is our major source for paying rewards on successful tips.

We are looking for individuals who are well connected within the community and have some extra time to offer. Perhaps you are in sales and work well with people? Or manage a business and can provide leadership skills?

Being a part of the CSGW program also provides you with a feeling of fulfilment by contributing to such a worthy cause. Find out more about CSGW and how to apply, by logging on to our website at"


Calls for service

On August 1st, 2017 the Guelph Police Service responded to 220 calls for service.


Educational Drug Safety Initiative For Kids Returns To Guelph

The Guelph Police Service is once again leading an educational drug safety initiative for local grade 6 students. Dedicated to helping young people get the facts they need to make informed decisions, this is the 25th time the organization has brought an award-winning safety resource to area kids.

Each student will receive a copy of Drug Safety: Smart choices for LIFE, a comprehensive 112-page handbook geared toward young people, which is full of useful information about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. The materials are produced by Community Safety Net, and are widely used to educate and increase awareness of substance abuse.

In addition to educating youth, Drug Safety: Smart choices for LIFE is a comprehensive family resource. It teaches children effective ways to resist peer pressure, while parents receive tips for helping their kids stay away from drugs. A free downloadable app for smartphones and tablets is included, which is customized to provide local safety contact numbers along with safety tips, videos, and other important safety information.

This valuable safety resource was made available to the kids through the generous support of local businesses and organizations.

Across the country, law enforcement groups and community organizations are implementing youth education programs in an effort to prevent drug abuse before it starts.

Contact: Cst Kyle Grant (519) 824-1212 voice mail #7542 or

Community Safety Net is a family-run, values-oriented organization that produces a series of educational safety resources created especially for kids. To date, millions of children in communities across North America have benefited from CSN materials.

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