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Give The Kids A Brake

Web posted on September 07, 2017

The Guelph Police Service are participating in the annual "Give The Kids A Brake" back to school safety blitz.

On September 6, 2017 police monitored four different schools zones between 7:30 a.m. and 9:43 a.m. A total of 21 speeding tickets were issued.

During this blitz officers from the Guelph Police Traffic and School Safety Unit, supported by front line uniform patrol officers, will dedicate time and resources to elementary schools in neighborhoods throughout the city in an effort to encourage compliance with speed limits in the designated 30 km/h and 40 km/h zones (during school hours).

In addition to speed enforcement, officers will be monitoring driving behaviors at intersections and pedestrian crossings staffed by adult crossing guards and school patrollers.

Special emphasis will also be placed on Traffic Safety issues caused by illegal parking and unsafe turns in the immediate area of schools. Traffic congestion in these areas (usually in close proximity to school patrollers and crossing guards) can cause reduced sightlines and endanger young pedestrians.

To assist in reducing congestion in front of schools, parents and caregivers are encouraged to consider walking their children to school or parking a few blocks away from the school and accompanying their children to the school on foot.

Public education in previous years has failed to alleviate safety concerns in school drop-off areas and this year City of Guelph By law Enforcement officers and Guelph Police Traffic officers will be issuing parking infraction notices in school zones.

We encourage motorists to "Put Safety Before Convenience" and protect our young people.

This back to school safety blitz will run until Friday 08 September, 2017.

The monitoring of school zones will continue throughout the remainder of the school year.

Daniel MOSEY, Acting Sergeant, Traffic and School Safety Unit

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