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GPL Annual Fundraiser Campaign Underway

Web posted on October 05, 2017

The Guelph Public Library invites community members and businesses to join its Annual Campaign. Launched in 2012, this yearly appeal has grown into an essential part of the library's fundraising efforts to support our most urgent needs and promising opportunities. We are asking for the community's help to make this campaign a continued success.

Donations will address two goals: A `Today' portion will be used to fund additional Early Literacy Stations which are a growing need in our community. These stations feature more than 4,000 award-winning, engaging activities that span seven core curriculum areas. They are invaluable at the library especially for children who do not have access to similar tools at home - helping kids form crucial language and literacy skills.

The library's current stations promote tens of thousands of fun learning hours for local children each year, leading to increased reading success, improved cognitive and communication skills, and sparking a lifelong love of reading and learning.

A `Tomorrow' portion of gifts will go towards the building fund for a future new Main Library, an amazing investment in our library system and city continuing to generate momentum towards this much needed community resource.

For this year's campaign, the library is honoured to partner with the Rattray family and the newly implemented Rosa Rattray Early Literacy Fund, which supports early literacy initiatives at the library. "Our goal is ambitious. We'd like to raise $30,000 which would allow us to introduce four additional early literacy stations in our branch locations to meet increasing demand," says Library CEO Steven Kraft. "We are so thrilled to partner with the Rattray family to help bring these valuable learning tools to youngsters in our community."

Rosa's family shares, "Rosa instilled a love of reading and learning in all of us, and after her passing in 2016, we wanted to celebrate her life and passion by helping to continue to nurture a love of learning in local children. What better way than to join forces with the library to help kids reach their fullest potential."

"As a community, we have a responsibility to nurture lifelong learning through all stages of life. This is one of the many roles of the library. By supporting this campaign, we are showing that Libraries Matter, and that our community is willing to invest in a vibrant Guelph now and into the future," says CEO Steven.

To make your special `Today and Tomorrow' gift to the Guelph Public Library's annual campaign, visit All gifts are tax-deductible. Contact 519-824-6220 x302 or for assistance.