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GRCA To Lower Water Level At Wellesley Pond

Web posted on November 29, 2017

The water level in Wellesley Pond will be drawn down for about one week beginning on December 4 in order to allow for inspection of the dam.

The inspection will be conducted in one day, and then the pond will be returned to its normal holding level. The dam is owned and operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

It will take a few days to drain the water from the pond, which is fed by Firella Creek and Campbell drain. The drawdown will be done gradually to minimize the amount of silt that is washed downstream and to give fish in the pond time to move to other parts of the creek. GRCA staff will monitor the drawdown and will be prepared to move any fish that become stranded.

The water level will be dropped, leaving large mud flats exposed. Water will continue to flow through the old creek channel at the bottom of the reservoir.

A similar drawdown was completed in November 2014 to complete concrete repairs on the structure.

It's believed there's been a dam at the site since the 1860s. The current dam may have been rebuilt early in the 20th century and was improved in the 1950s. The GRCA has owned the dam since 1957.